What The Hen!

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Description of game What The Hen!

What The Hen! is the funniest and most frantic collectible hero tower defense game ever! Collect over 100 unique Heroes and Heroines cards, ready for combat! Upgrade and evolve every minion into IMBA heroes! Defeat Bosses and complete the campaign adventure! Battle 1on1 against gazillions of summoners in strategic duels in PVP arena! Enjoy event battles for ranks and get special rewards!

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Strategy games are all about using your brain to outsmart your opponents. If you're looking for a crazy game that will challenge your mind, then you'll love What The Hen!

What makes What The Hen! the best game for you?

What The Hen! is the best online game for you because it's: - Fun and easy to learn, but difficult to master - Full of unique and hilarious characters - Constantly updated with new content - A great way to relax and have some fun

How to play What The Hen!

To play What The Hen!, simply collect heroes and use them in the battle.


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