Kingdoms Wars

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Description of game Kingdoms Wars

Kingdoms Wars is an exciting and engaging online game, perfect for fans of strategy and board games. The game emulates the classic Monopoly game and invites players to roll the dice, travel around the world, and build their real estate empire. With many fun and challenging elements, Kingdoms Wars will provide countless hours of play and entertainment for everyone.

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What makes Kingdoms Wars the best game for you?

Kingdoms Wars stands out as an exceptional online game due to its captivating blend of strategy, exciting gameplay, and stunning visuals. As you traverse the virtual globe, you'll encounter a variety of engaging elements that will keep you captivated for hours on end. From building your own hotels and collecting rent to upgrading your properties and outsmarting your opponents, Kingdoms Wars offers a rich and rewarding gameplay experience.

How the game is played

Kingdoms Wars is easy to play. Simply roll the dice and move your piece around the board, buying properties and building houses and hotels on them. When other players land on your properties, they have to pay you rent. The goal of the game is to bankrupt all of your opponents and become the sole owner of all the properties on the board. PC controls: Mouse. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!


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