Vex 8

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Description of game Vex 8

Vex 8 is an incredibly exciting platformer where you have to show off your skills if you want to advance and overcome the challenges presented to you. As you go through the nine acts that make up this game, you will find a series of obstacles that will make it difficult to advance, but to overcome them, you need to use your full potential, and for that, you need to have a good command of the WASD keys with which you control the character, and optionally the rest of the keys that are shown to you in the game. Remember that in this adventure, you can use the secret areas to collect trophies and enjoy the new infinite mode.

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What makes Vex 8 the best game for you?

Vex 8 is a free game that presents you with several challenges, among which you can choose if you want to play for a while or spend hours immersed in its different levels. In addition, its levels are designed so that your skills are put to the test so that you can overcome any challenge. This game has an excellent interface, an intuitive design, and simple controls but requires a lot of skill to overcome all the obstacles that come your way, so if you think you have enough skills, play Vex 8!

How to play Vex 8

Use the WASD-keys to move. If any other controls are needed, the game shows them.


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