Soccer Merge

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Description of game Soccer Merge

Soccer Merge is an exciting tournament where you need to beat your opponent by scoring more goals in a limited time. Play against players or other potential football champions online, prove that you are the best athlete and champion in football matches, pass all the tests, and assemble the best football team!

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What makes Soccer Merge the best game for you?

Soccer Merge is different from other games in the same category because it offers the chance to build your perfect football team. Play against players or other potential football champions online anywhere and anytime to win prizes and collect the best players.

How to Play Soccer Merge

The goal of this game is simple: score as many goals as you can against your opponent within the time limit. To do this, you'll merge three balls of the same number to create a new ball with the next highest number -- merge three 2s to get a 4, merge three 4s to get an 8, and so on. Use your crazy high-numbered balls to score goals and win the game.


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