Plane Factory

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Description of game Plane Factory

Welcome to the dynamic world of Plane Factory! In this immersive 3D game, you step into the shoes of a stickman working in an airplane and helicopter factory. Your role involves managing the entire production process, from gathering materials to assembling the aircraft. With each passing day, customers arrive with unique requests, challenging you to meet their demands by efficiently navigating the production line and crafting the necessary components. Dive into the industrial atmosphere, showcase your skills, and ascend from a humble worker to a formidable tycoon in the aviation industry, experiencing a journey filled with creativity and endless possibilities!

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What makes Plane Factory the best game for you?

As a fan of Casual games, Plane Factory stands out for its immersive gameplay and captivating progression system. The game's unique premise of managing an airplane factory offers a refreshing and engaging experience, allowing players to unleash their creativity and strategic thinking as they fulfill customer orders and expand their business empire. Whether it's optimizing production lines or upgrading facilities, Plane Factory offers a satisfying blend of challenge and satisfaction that keeps me hooked for hours on end.

How to play

In Plane Factory, players control a stickman tasked with overseeing the production of airplanes and helicopters in a factory setting. Utilize WASD or swipe controls to navigate the factory floor, gather materials, assemble components, and fulfill customer orders. Progress through increasingly complex tasks and unlock new factories as you strive to become a prominent figure in the aviation industry.


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