Wild Tamer

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Description of game Wild Tamer

Wild Tamer takes players on a thrilling journey through an ancient world teeming with mystical creatures and hidden secrets. As a budding druid, hunters, and master of ancient beasts, you must ascend to the throne and wield your strength and wisdom to shape the fate of this mesmerizing realm. Explore mysterious territories, tame wild animals, and uncover the ancient Druid magic to build a formidable team of allies. With a captivating storyline and a variety of challenges, Wild Tamer promises an immersive 2D RPG experience like no other.

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What makes Wild Tamer the best game for you?

For Wild Tamer, the allure lies in its captivating storyline, diverse array of creatures to tame, and immersive RPG elements. The game provides a perfect balance of adventure, strategy, and exploration, making it an exceptional choice for fans of the Casual Games genre.

How to play Wild Tamer

In Wild Tamer, players embark on an epic journey where they must explore mysterious territories, tame wild beasts, and uncover ancient secrets. Utilize WASD for movement and the Left Mouse Button for selection on desktop, or simply touch and swipe on mobile devices to control the game.


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