The Hours

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Description of game The Hours

The Hours is a clever time-teaching watch face for your phone, tablet, or computer. Click on the digital time display to switch to an analog clock and learn to tell time with a 12-hour clock. Develop your kid's time-telling skills with this excellent and enjoyable game, making learning the time a fun experience.

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What makes The Hours the best game for you?

The Hours is an innovative and educational puzzle game that offers a unique blend of learning and entertainment. It stands out from other browser games with its captivating concept of teaching time-telling skills through an interactive and engaging gameplay. Unlike ordinary free games that focus solely on amusement, The Hours seamlessly combines knowledge acquisition with enjoyable game mechanics.

How the game is played

To play The Hours, simply click on the clock that corresponds to the correct time. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the time by skillfully reading and interpreting both analog and digital representations.


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