Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2

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Description of game Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2

Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2 is a captivating puzzle game that blends the classic tile-matching gameplay of Mahjong with the delightful appeal of candy. Embark on a sugary adventure as you navigate through 150+ engaging layouts, unraveling the challenge with each move. Unleash the power of boosters like Shuffle, Torch, and Undo to conquer even the trickiest situations, and enjoy the vibrant ambiance created by two distinct tile skins. With a time limit of 8 minutes for each level, every second counts as you strive to achieve your highest score. Can you emerge as a Mahjong master in this sweet and addictive puzzle extravaganza?

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What makes Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2 the best game for you?

Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2 stands out as an exceptional puzzle choice due to its irresistible blend of classic gameplay and modern twists. The vibrant candy theme adds a delightful charm to the familiar Mahjong mechanics, while the addition of boosters empowers you to overcome obstacles and progress through the levels with ease. Whether you're a seasoned Mahjong enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2 offers an accessible and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

How to play Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2

Embark on a delightful puzzle journey with Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2 by removing all the tiles from the board. Match any two tiles with the same candy that are not blocked by any other tile to clear them. If you encounter a challenging situation, don't hesitate to utilize the Shuffle, Torch, Undo, and Hint boosters to keep your progress flowing. Explore new puzzles through the 'Puzzle Selector' or discover new layouts with the 'Shuffle Mode'. Don't forget to check your final score after conquering each level and strive to surpass your previous bests with each victory.


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