Scatty Maps Japan

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Description of game Scatty Maps Japan

Scatty Maps Japan is an excellent educational game that helps you learn about the geography of Japan. In this game, you will be dragging and dropping maps of prefectures to their correct locations. Additionally, you can view extra data like the capital, area, and population. You can choose to play in either English or Japanese.

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What makes Scatty Maps Japan the best game for you?

Scatty Maps Japan is a great game for those who want to learn more about the geography of Japan. It is a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge and improve your understanding of the country's different regions. The game is also educational, as it provides information about each prefecture's capital, area, and population.

How is this game played?

The game has two modes, easy and full. In both modes, the goal is to drag and drop the map on the right place. You can make it easier by turning on 'help' mode, to see prefecture borders. You can also zoom the map to see the 'bigger' picture.


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