Pull Mermaid Out

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Description of game Pull Mermaid Out

Pull Mermaid Out is an entertaining puzzle game where you must help the little mermaid escape the lost ancient city by pulling the pins in the correct order to ensure her safety. Test your strategy skills as you navigate through the crumbling ruins, using the intact drainage pipes to guide your way. The mermaid's journey home depends on your ability to solve the puzzles and keep her out of harm's way.

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What makes Pull Mermaid Out the best game for you?

Pull Mermaid Out stands out as the best game for puzzle enthusiasts because it offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience. With its captivating storyline and challenging puzzles, Pull Mermaid Out will keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle solver or just starting, you'll find yourself hooked on this exciting adventure.

How to play Pull Mermaid Out

Playing Pull Mermaid Out is simple yet addictive. Tap and slide the pins in the correct order to clear a path for the little mermaid. As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become more complex, requiring you to think strategically and plan your moves carefully.

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