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Description of game Pentomino

Play Pentomino online, an interactive game for dragging pieces formed by 5 squares that fit together. A two-dimensional maths and geometry game: pentominoes, made up of figures formed by pixels. Choose a figure on the right and place the pieces until you manage to reproduce it.

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What makes Pentomino the best game for you?

Pentomino is a well-liked online game since it doesn't require any specialized knowledge or extraordinary skills other than the ability to match geometric shapes. Whether you're a committed gamer or just looking for a quick way to kill time, Pentomino is the right fit for you. It offers a fun, strategic challenge that's easy to understand, and difficult to master.

How the game is played

Pentomino is a puzzle game where the player must drag and drop pieces made up of 5 squares onto a grid to create a specific shape. The goal of the game is to complete the puzzle by filling in all of the squares on the grid. The game is played with a mouse or touchscreen. The player can drag and drop the pieces onto the grid by clicking and holding on them with the mouse or finger.

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