Line Road

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Description of game Line Road

Line Road is an exciting puzzle game that will test your skills and strategy. Your goal is to guide a green ball through a white labyrinth and into a portal of the same color. However, the ball's trajectory is unpredictable, as it bounces off the hedges and loses its ability to navigate. With a limited number of collisions allowed, you must carefully plan your path to reach the goal. Play with your mouse or tap on the screen to control the ball and have a blast!

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What makes Line Road the best game for you?

Line Road stands out as the best puzzle game for several reasons. First, it offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that requires both skill and strategy. The unpredictable ball trajectory and limited number of collisions add an extra layer of difficulty that keeps players engaged. Additionally, the game's simple controls make it easy to learn and play, providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

How to play Line Road

Playing Line Road is simple: use your mouse or tap on the screen to guide the green ball through the labyrinth and into the portal of the same color. However, be mindful of the ball's trajectory and the limited number of collisions allowed, as these factors will determine your success or failure.


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