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Description of game Kour.io

Kour.io is an electrifying online multiplayer FPS that will put your combat skills to the ultimate test! Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey as you choose from three thrilling game modes: Gun Game, where each kill empowers you with a more potent weapon; Team Deathmatch, where teamwork reigns supreme as you strive to lead your team to victory; and Free For All, where every Kour fights for their own glory. Immerse yourself in intense battles, earning points that unlock tantalizing crates filled with coveted rewards, including stylish gun skins and captivating outfits for your Kour. With seven distinctive base classes to master, each boasting unique equipment and weaponry, you're guaranteed to discover a playstyle that resonates with your inner warrior. Whether you're a stealthy assassin, silently eliminating your foes with a silenced handgun, or a relentless Rocketeer, obliterating your enemies with explosive rockets, the choice is entirely yours. Ascend to greatness and etch your name as the most formidable Kour the battlefield has ever witnessed!

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What makes Kour.io the best game for you?

Kour.io emerges as an exceptional choice among .IO games due to its enthralling blend of intensity, versatility, and strategic depth. Whether you prefer stealthy tactics or explosive confrontations, the diverse classes and customizable loadouts empower you to tailor your playstyle and dominate the battlefield. The game's dynamic matchmaking ensures that you're always matched with opponents of similar skill, guaranteeing a fair and exhilarating competition. With its vibrant community, regular updates, and unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, Kour.io stands as the undisputed champion of .IO shooters.

How to play Kour.io

Kour.io offers an intuitive control scheme that makes it accessible to players of all skill levels.


  • Navigate your Kour with WASD or arrow keys.
  • Aim and shoot with the mouse. Utilize R to reload and Space to jump.


  • Utilize the displayed on-screen buttons to execute all actions.

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