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Description of game Impostor

Impostor is a thrilling online game where you must navigate a spaceship filled with crewmates and an impostor. As you explore, be wary of empty rooms and potential attacks from the impostor, who is lurking in the shadows, ready to sabotage the ship and eliminate the crew. Can you unmask the impostor and ensure the survival of the spaceship? Play Impostor now and experience the electrifying gameplay!

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What makes Impostor the best game for you?

Impostor stands out as an exceptional browser game due to its immersive gameplay and thrilling social dynamics. The constant threat of the impostor adds a layer of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're trying to identify the impostor or outsmart your crewmates as the impostor, Impostor offers a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

How to play Impostor

Control the movement of your character with WASD or arrow keys. Perform actions by clicking the buttons located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Navigate the spaceship, complete tasks, and stay alert for the impostor's presence.


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