Hidden Wrench In Trucks

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Description of game Hidden Wrench In Trucks

Have you seen those huge trucks? Hidden Wrench In Trucks is the perfect puzzle game for you to play! You have six levels to play. Start with the first level and find the ten hidden wrenches within the given time. Each time you progress to the next level, your playtime decreases by 10 seconds. Test your skills and finish all the levels to win Hidden Wrench In Trucks!

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What makes Hidden Wrench In Trucks the best game for you?

Hidden Wrench In Trucks is a very crazy and interesting game. If you love finding hidden objects then play this game. It is a free, online, browser game that you can play on our website or by downloading it on your mobile device. You can also play this game with your friends and family for an extra challenge.

How to play Hidden Wrench In Trucks

Click to start find the hidden objects. You will need to find all ten wrenches in the given time in each level to win the game.


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