Filled Glass 3 Portals

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Description of game Filled Glass 3 Portals

Filled Glass 3 Portals is a game where the player has to fill up colorful glass jars with balls, but with some rules. The levels show the player the balls they have to use, the jars they have to fill up, and a blue dotted line that represents the level to which the player has to fill the jar. The levels are increasingly difficult and can be completed using logic and a little bit of trial and error. This arcade game has simple graphics but is designed to be relaxing and fun to play.

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What makes Filled Glass 3 Portals the best game for you?

Filled Glass 3 Portals is a crazy game because it seems easy and simple, but it is not. This poki game provides entertainment for hours and is challenging enough to make you think but relaxing enough to enjoy. It is a y8 game that can be played endlessly, as the levels are randomly generated, so you will never play the same level twice.

How to play

To play Filled Glass 3 Portals, you have to use the mouse or touch the screen and drag the balls from the bottom of the screen to the jars at the top. To complete a level, you have to fill the jar up to the blue dotted line without spilling any balls. You can also use the portals to teleport the balls around the screen.


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