Do Dragons Exist

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Description of game Do Dragons Exist

Do Dragons Exist is a fun and challenging action game where you play as a small tadpole that must devour enemies to evolve. Be careful to avoid enemies that are too powerful! Come and see who can summon the divine dragon!

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What makes Do Dragons Exist the best game for you?

Do Dragons Exist is the best action game for you because it is:

  • Fun and challenging
  • Features a variety of enemies to devour
  • Allows you to summon the divine dragon

Whether you're a seasoned action game veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Do Dragons Exist is a game that you'll definitely enjoy.

How to play Do Dragons Exist

To play Do Dragons Exist, simply touch and hold to move your tadpole. As you devour enemies, you will grow in size and strength. Be careful to avoid enemies that are too powerful, as they can kill you.

Once you have eaten enough enemies, you will be able to summon the divine dragon. The divine dragon is a powerful creature that can help you defeat even the strongest enemies.


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