Christmas Float Connect

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Description of game Christmas Float Connect

Christmas Float Connect is a HTML5 games that tests your observation and speed. It requires you to quickly identify matching objects and remove them from the board. To play, simply connect 2 identical Christmas items with a path that no more than two 90 degree angles. Clear the board by removing all pairs and be careful, because in some levels the Christmas item tiles can float in different directions or even split into two.

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What makes Christmas Float Connect the best game for you?

Christmas Float Connect stands out among other puzzle games due to its unique combination of challenging gameplay, festive theme, and stunning graphics. The game offers 27 increasingly difficult levels, each requiring you to use your wits and reflexes to clear the board before time runs out. Additionally, the game's Christmas theme and cheerful music create a festive and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

How to play Christmas Float Connect

Playing Christmas Float Connect is simple and straightforward. Use your mouse to connect matching Christmas items with a path that no more than two 90 degree angles to remove them from the board. Be strategic in your moves, as some levels require you to think ahead and plan your path carefully. With its accessible gameplay and engaging challenges, Christmas Float Connect is a perfect choice for players of all ages and skill levels looking for a fun and festive puzzle experience.


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