Alien Blocks

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Description of game Alien Blocks

Connect People: Alien Blocks presents an enthralling puzzle adventure where players must showcase their strategic prowess to overcome challenges. Set in an intergalactic realm filled with vibrant alien blocks, each possessing distinct abilities, this game promises hours of engaging entertainment. As players embark on a mission to rescue a captured friend, they'll be captivated by the intuitive gameplay and charming visuals, immersing themselves in an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

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What makes Connect People: Alien Blocks the best game for you?

Connect People: Alien Blocks stands out as a captivating puzzle adventure, offering a unique blend of strategy and entertainment. Its intergalactic setting and diverse challenges make it a standout title in the Action Games category. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics and visually appealing design, it promises an immersive gaming experience that keeps players engaged for hours.

How to play

In Connect People: Alien Blocks, players control the game using simple controls. On PC, they can use the mouse to aim and throw alien blocks by clicking and holding the left button. Mobile players can tap and hold the screen to aim and release to throw. Utilize strategic thinking to navigate through challenges and save your captured friend.


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